Send a ring tone to an extension?

We have installed a Cyberdata VOIP Paging Amplifier in a noisy warehouse. This is to replace the loudspeakers that were used with the old analog PBX. The old loudspeaker could be used for both the ring and paging but aparently the new system can only be used for paging. Is there a way to send a “ring” type audio sound to an extension when a call comes in, without picking up the call?

hello trinicom:

I am looking to do this exact same thing.

I got the same hardware.

Did you find a solution? care to share…


I’m trying to understand this one - do you call the paging speaker as if it were an extension, and then it answers and then you say what you need to say for the page? Because I know it’s possible to call an extension and play audio after the extension answers (it’s done, for example, in the various Wakeup Call modules that are around, such as the third-party Hotel Style WakeUp Calls) but I’d have to give some thought as to how it’s done. However, one thing it’s not possible to do is play audio if the paging speaker doesn’t “answer.” Now bear in mind, on an incoming call, the paging speaker doesn’t have to answer that particular call… I’d use Ring Group or Follow-Me and a pseudo extension to fire off a notification event of some kind (something akin to what’s done in How to set up notification (Caller ID popup) on Mac OS X, Linux and other systems), which would then initiate the call to the paging speaker and play the audio.

It’s an interesting problem and I’m about 99% sure it could be done, but I’m not about to go buy one to figure out an exact technique. But maybe those ideas will expand your thinking a bit.

ok, so heres the product I got.

it acts like an auto answer sip phone.

challenge is this, i want to play a ring tone on it, when a ring group is called, the ring tone should cease when one of the sip phones in the ring group answers (not the paging sip amp above).

there are 5 sip phones in the ring group.

challenge : is there some way to get the sip paging amp to play a tone (loud ringing tone in the steel plant) when someone calls the ring group and all of the phones in the group is ringing…but the moment one of the 5 sip phones takes the call, i want the paging amp to hangup (or have asterisk do a soft hangup or something on the paging amp)

anyone got any suggestions?

You can hack this together two ways.

One is to pick up an electronic ringer and connect it to the input of the Bogen Amplifier. Use an ATA to connect to the Asterisk box.

Second option is to pickup an SNOM phone (Seen 220’s on eBay for $50.00) they have a speaker out jack that can be set as the ring device.

Lastly, you can you the local console channel driver in Asterisk and write a bit of dial plan fragment to make an extension out of it.

Any of these options can then be added to the ring group.

Get a really loud bell - see (pdf file). Or more than one, even, but watch out that the REN (Ringer equivalency) values don’t go over three (otherwise you might also need a Ring Booster from the same company).

Connect the bell up just as if it were another analog extension (this might be a good place to use a VoIP adapter - just about any one that will work with FreePBX will do, since you are only using it to generate ringing voltage).

Assign the bell an extension number and add it to the ring group.

Alternately, if one of the extensions in your ring group is normally the least likely to get answered (or the last to answer) and is an analog extension, just connect the loud bell in parallel.

Are there better ways to do this that don’t involve using a VoIP adapter? Probably there are, but the problem is many of those other solutions would wind up costing you more anyway. And if you happen to have a troublesome VoIP adapter that doesn’t work well for voice (maybe always gives you echo or something) you could press it into service for this application.

great ideas.

the company has already invested in cyberdata voip paging amp system, it would be wise to incorporate these hardware into the system if at all possible

it would be great if I can keep my job!

The Cyberdata acts like a SIP extension if you call it.

I am not sure if the default Asterisk sounds include a ring tone, if they don’t you will have to supply one.

You can add a custom extension to extensions_custom.conf that calls the Cyberdata and plays the audio on the channel. The trick will be to get it to stop when the line is answered.

I don’t have an answer for that!

I am no programmer, but I am interested in finding a solution to this issue.

heres what I need to figure, if someone out there with asterisk programming experience can help out, that would be much appreciated.

sip phone extension : 200 (answers only when someone picks up)
cyberdata paging amp : 201 (this auto answers permanently)
cyberdata intercom : 202 (calls originate from here)
ring group : 600

members of ring group 600 are ext 200, with ringall strategy set.
the following would be the code, I think:
exten => 600,1,Dial(SIP/200)

heres what I would like to achieve:

when someone presses the intercom button, ring group 600 is called, extension 200 starts ringing:

  1. play a ringing.wav on extension 201 (exten => s,n,Playback(/paging/ringing))
  2. if timeout occurs, hangup ext 201
  3. if call is answered hangup ext 201

how would i know if a call has been answered or cancelled tho, specificaly by 200 or by 202?

any help would be appreciated.


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