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May know if i can sell FreePBX to our customers or there is any ethical issue in this ?

Is there is any restriction by freepbx or any fees required to be paid to freepbx to sell it to our customers ?

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If you are talking about the open source part, only, you can sell the service of delivering the code (including the media used and putting it on that media), customising it, supporting it, and installing it. You cannot sell the code itself (you only have a licence), and you cannot sell a licence to use the code (your customer automatically receives that licence, free of charge, when they receive the code). You must offer to provide the source code of any compiled code for no more than the cost of physically doing so. All this is standard GPL stuff.

You may have to remove FreePBX branding first.

The above is my general understanding, but if it is important to you, you should get a qualified lawyer to review the licence documents.

For the proprietary parts, I’m not sure that a community forum is the right place to ask; I think you need to contact Sangoma’s commercial arm. There will obviously be licence fees to pay, in that case.

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Just for the record. Numerous people here sell FreePBX systems because they aren’t selling FreePBX they are selling a PBX appliance running FreePBX.

The customer is not paying for FreePBX they are paying for the hardware, the setup and configuration, support and management of the system. You do not have to remove the FreePBX logo. In fact you have to keep the Sangoma copyrights and other things intact. Removing them can violate the terms.

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Copyright notices aren’t the same as branding, e…g if you fork RedHat Linux, you have to keep copyright notices, but you must remove branding. e.g. CentOS was a rebranded RedHat. I don’t know what Sangoma’s policy on branding is, but generally people don’t want their brand on a version they don’t control as problems with it can hurt their reputation, and they can also get a premium on the price for being the branded article

Branding is covered by trade mark law, rather than copyright law…

Oh so you assumed they where going to make a fork of FreePBX? Otherwise, what?

There is an entire reseller ecosystem for FreePBX and Sangoma products. There are rules about using FreePBX logos and trademarks in marketing. But again, no one sells FreePBX they sell PBXes running FreePBX and the services/support around that.

If you want branding, there is even PBXAct. The commercial brandable solution.

Not to mention, FreePBX on its own allows you to brand it. The logos can be removed, it is in Advanced Settings.

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