Selective Trunk restoration on backup and restore

Hey Guys,

Pretty much all in the title.
Is there any way to get a little selective with the backup and restore module.
At the moment we are backing up with SSH and it would be great if we could get a little selective with trunk restoration.

Is this possible at the minute without using hooks? Any plans for the future?


I think I figured out most of this… but getting caught in the final furlong.
I can run a post backup script to do re-enable just the backup trunk.
But I’m running into permission errors when running it as a hook.
I guess I could automate it run an hour after the nightly backup but not great, would rather have it run by the backup process itself, less messy.

Script updates DB, adds to sip_additional.conf and sip_registrations.conf. Then performs reload.
Runs fine if running as root but not if running as asterisk (which im guessing the backup job runs as)

Anyway, I imagine that this is not the recommended route (the block text saying not to modify these files by hand is a dead giveaway) to get this working but does anyone have any suggestions?