Selective Backup/Restore?

Hello everyone!

I’ll jump right into this.

Basically we have built up a dev environment (We will call this A) with a completely new layout (IVR’s Queues, etc) This new installation is at the same Asterisk (1.8.11) and Freepbx ( version as another box (We will call this B) that is currently running.

I am trying to see if there is a way to selectively move over some configurations from “A” to “B” but not everything.

Threw together this, may help clear any confusion up:

The backup/restore module in FreePBX is pretty clean cut but I was hoping someone had another idea or maybe I am just missing something.

Trying to avoid getting down and dirty in MySQL but if thats the only way, then so be it.

Any feedback is appreciated.


The backup file is a tar.gz file in there you will find the individual elements of the backup in the tmp directory of that tar file , thre is a directory that has what you are looking for.

astdb.dump is the asterisk database

asterisk.sql has all the tables you are looking for be careful to update the astedb.dump bits relevant on the new server to the sruff you want to selectively restore.

Not trivial but certainly possible.

An easier and guey compromise would be to do a full backup/restore then a a selective bulkextensions/bulkdids backup/restore. from your picture just the outbound routes would be needing reconsruction, and the two pissed of ex-husbands you have in your blacklist