Seize call from ring group

I am sorry if this has been asked elsewhere. I couldn’t find it.

We have calls coming into a ring group. That works great. Every so often someone needs to answer that’s not part of the ring group. Seizing the vall from the main extension doesn’t work. I get seize failed. Should I be trying to seize from the ring group rather than the main extension?

If you use FOP2 you can drag and drop calls waiting in a Queue to any user, never tested with ring groups, might work as well.

You should be able to do this with Enable Call Pickup under the ring group settings.

When enabled, this will allow calls to the Ring Group to be picked up with the directed call pickup feature using the group number from any extension. When not checked, individual extensions that are part of the group can still be picked up by doing a directed call pickup by dialing the group number. Any extensions can still be picked up by doing a directed call pickup to the ringing extension , which works whether or not this is checked.


Thanks for the replies. I just found this just before I checked the forum again. It works great. Thanks all!

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