Segmentations fault?


I am trying to lanch asterisk in opnerisc 1200 processor in his simulator or1ksim,

  • Cross-compile && install glibc [*]
  • Cross-compile && install zlib [*]
  • Cross-compile && install ncurses 5.9 [*]
  • Cross-compile && install openssl [*]
  • Cross-compile && install asterisk [*]
  • Configure linux + asterisk on it [*]
  • Running asterisk [X]

when I tried to run asterisk as “asterik -cvvv” or with c option only I get a “Segmentation faul” error
with c and g option “Segmentation faul (core dump)” error.

I don’t get it?

This is a FreePBX forum. I doubt you will find anyone here with compiling asterisk for new CPU’s

A few general comments. It seems to be POSIX OS so you are good there.

I don’t see in your steps where you downloaded Asterisk source and compiled all modules and Asterisk itself.

Thank you, I knew about posting a forum beside Asterisk, but in the history of this community’s forum I found a discussion about this topic between you and some user called flight or something like that, he had a problem in the terminal and a segmentation fault at the end.
I had the same problems first but I was able to solve it by installing ncurses in the rootfs of my linux before built it. But the problem of “segmentation fault” still there, I think something wrong with their simulator anyway, I will try it in Qemu and in our hardware very soon and I will report if it solved or not.
about the asterisk source code and all the relating packages, I was followed the asterisk documentation, I downloaded asterisk sources from their site for the version and the oldest version from their ftp server, I tried all the version from 1.4.* to and they have the same problems at the end “Segmentation fault”.
about the modules, at the first try I didn’t give much attention to them, the problems that appear at the configuration and making asterisk using the uClibc toolchain took all my time at first, but with glibc toolchain and Segmentation problem I was more careful about these module, so all the core’s modules are successfully compiled and most of the extended modules.
I tested both versions with the extended modules and without them. The result is the same.
thank you anyway!