Segfault at c02 error 14 in asterisk[400000+231000]

The exact error is :
segfault at c02 ip 0000000000000c02 sp 00007f2092eac2e8 error 14 in asterisk[400000+231000]
The subject shows what is consistant. I have moved the harddrives into a known working server and same issue. This happens ever few minutes. Cannot find anything consistant as to what is causing the error.
PBX ver: 5.211.65-1
This problem was happening also on 4.211.64-7 and updated to 5.211.65-1 hoping the problem would go away.

What NIC card do you have. I know their are some issues in Centos 6.2 thru 6.5 with E1000 Intel Nic cards.

Not a Linux expert…

Figured out how to read the dump files and came up with:
#0 0x000000000044ed94 in __ao2_find (c=0x0, arg=0x7f4694339a60, flags=OBJ_POINTER) at astobj2.c:1237
on a Core.#### file. I don’t get as much info on the core.Machine.Name.####.

For your question this is running on HP DL380 G4.
HP NC7782 Gigabit Server Adapter

The server I swapped the HDs with is also running the same version of FreePBX and not experiencing that issue. I just checked the log/messages to make sure because the volume of calls are much less, but it is not happening.

Noticed I missed a line:
#0 0x000000000044ed94 in __ao2_find (c=0x0, arg=0x7f0bde801a60, flags=OBJ_POINTER) at astobj2.c:1237
1237 return __ao2_callback(c, flags, c->cmp_fn, arged);

Wait you took hard drives from another server and put them in this one without a reinstall?

Yes I do it all the time with these servers when there is a possible hardware problem, works fine with windows too, actually easier in windows, don’t need to force it to find the network adapter.
Any idea on how to solve the problem, it is for sure some software issue. Most modules are actually not installed here. It is used as an IVR. If they press the right combination they will arrive to another PBX server through an iax2 connection that customer service agents are on. There is only 1 phone connected to this PBX that I use for testing. So it is a fairly striped down version.

I rolled back to CentOS 6.4 Asterisk 1.8 (I think 11 would work) and no issues. I think there is some hardware/os issues.

I don’t use the rpm’s but building my own Asterisk, 11.6 did the same, it is fixed in 11.7, I am sure the FreePBX asterisk rpm’s will reflect that needed change soon also.

( so neithert OS, I use debian, nor hardware, I test on several platforms real and virtual)

6.5 & 1.8 didn’t work for me either. That’s why I started thinking it is something in the OS not Asterisk.