Seeking opinions on VoIP monitoring and analysis

I’m in need of something that can do SIP capture and analysis as well as RTP capture and analysis. HOMER is ok for the cost (free) but doesn’t do RTP and has a bunch of other quirks. VoIP Monitor ( seems to have it all and I’m planning a trial. What else do people use?

pretty well sngrep with the -O option., sngrep can also capture.sdp RTFM

Try again when sober? :slight_smile:

Yea, I think homer isn’t a tool for RTP capture. I think the most it does with RTP is provide stats. When I’ve needed RTP capturing I’ve just used tcpdump with a file retention/rotation pattern. Load the files into Wireshark and analyze. Could also consider tshark or pcapsipdump.

Thanks. I think dicko’s suggestion was similar but what I’m looking for is a continuous analysis tool, not a spot-check kind of tool. We regularly use pcaps and sngrep to analyze traffic for ad hoc troubleshooting.

sngrep has options -H and -L for interaction with hep servers and clients, homer for the 10000 ft , sngrep to drill down.The -L is useful if your voip servers are not directly on your network. and you are watching more than one.

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