Seeking How-To Guide to updating Polycom UC Software

I have several low-end Polycom phones and would like to upgrade the UC Software in the phones from version to or newer. I’m having trouble making sense of Polycom’s 400+ Administrator’s Guide to their software. Beyond that, I’m having trouble finding additional resources. Can anyone point me toward documentation that is little more specific than the huge, sprawling Polycom Admin Guide?

From what I can tell, once the devices are upgraded to a certain version, additional upgrades can be done with the browser gui . Since mine are so far behind, it looks like a tftp server is required. That’s no problem because I’ve been using tftpboot with FreePBX endpoint manager for a couple of years. I don’t need to have the tftp server explained, just the stuff that is specific to Polycom.


Option 66 on your DHCP server or hard coded configuration tells the phone the URL of your firmware distribution. This can be TFTP, FTP, or HTTP. All you need to do is download the firmware and unzip it in the right place on your server. Configs from 3.3.2 shouldn’t have any problems running with 4.0 firmware, but you will need to also download the special “upgrader” BootROM files as well. Newer firmware doesn’t need separate BootROM any longer, once the upgrader has been run. You need to read the manual to understand everything. Or let someone who has read the manual do it for you :wink:

What you say “low-end Polycom phones” what models are you referring to? I have IP 550s that are running PolycomSoundPointIP-SPIP_550-UA/ that upgraded with the OSS End Ponit Manager just fine?

“low-end” is the 321