Seeing which number you are called on

Hello all

I am new to FreePBX and would appreciate your help. I have a simple setup and am about to get three trunks (3 different telephone numbers). How will I be able to see on which number I was called on?

Can I see on the phone screen (softphone, cisco, etc…) incoming call on “line with number 1” specially with name. The actual scenario is we need to get three numbers, each from different towns (e.g. London, Brighton, Southampton). I give the name of the city to the trunk and I want the phone to show incoming call (0123456789) on “Brighton”.

I am using: FreePbx 12.0.43

Best wishes


You can’t do such drastic changes to the CID. Many phones have a limit to the CID they accept in the first place.

You need to go into your inbound routes and look for “CID name prefix”. That is where you will prefix Brighton onto the CID.

Thank you Andrew. If I set the “CID name prefix” correctly, will I be able to see that on the phone when I receive an incoming call? I need to be able to say something like “Hello Brighton office” or “Hello London office”, which is why I need to know what number has been called.



Yes you will. There is a character limit depending on the device but I dont think it’ll hinder you.

Thank you very much Andrew. I will give it a try.


I’ve got a similar question. To retrieve this information, do you need to follow the channel chain to the furthest endpoint to get the proper CID? For example if the call travels through a queue and local optimization isn’t enabled, you wind up with 4 channels in play; one for each endpoint and two locally bridged Local channels. Which channel will have the updated CID information attached?