Security warning regarding not installed module


Since some time I’m getting mails about a security warning regarding a not installed module. Well, security is important - but it’s really strange to be spammed about security problems which do have no relevance at all for the existing system.

Would be cool if you could fix this. I don’t want to get mails about problems regarding not installed modules!


Even if a module is not installed it will warn you if the code is on your machine. This is because in some cases a modules security issue may not require it to be installed for it to be exploited.

As @jfinstrom says, uninstalled means the code is present on the system but the module is not installed. If you want to remove the code (and the upgrade notification) then delete it with:

fwconsole ma delete tts

Thanks @lgaetz - that solved the problem. I missed that this app already resided locally - therefore it makes sense to add this warning - you’re right @jfinstrom.

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