Security Of VoIP Communications?

What is the future of VoIP communications?

This is the second time that I needed to get a confirmation code sent via voice call and have been denied since they detect we are use VoIP. This last time they didn’t say exactly why I can’t use VoIP and I can understand how a system can be hacked, but it can’t be too far of a stretch to think that an email account can also be hacked which is how I ultimately received the confirmation code. This last time was a new account setup, so I could enter any acceptable method to obtain the code - They didn’t have previous data that a user had to match.

I imagine SMS/voice Cell is another choice, but if a user can enter any number (not previously recorded in account settings), someone could register/access an unauthorized account, too. And, as someone mentioned earlier, isn’t VoIP used as the backbone even if I had copper in a last mile phone service setup? I guess we’ll never be VoIP-only.

I guess I’m kind of thinking out loud.

That actually is based on your carrier. I am able to receive and reply to short codes without problem. There are quite a few factors that could contribute to this including location in the world and how it is handled there.

Thanks @BlazeStudios - I didn’t think about it and can gather it being more to it, but this last time was noted previously not to use web-based VoIP. But… I had to try it anyhow.

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