Security Announcements?

Hi folks,

Is there a mailing list I can subscribe to for security announcements and critical bug fixes? I know upgrade notifications can be configured in FreePBX itself, and I have that set up. I’m looking for major security announcements like the one that came out yesterday and I happened to come across on the site to magically show up in my inbox. Preferably with bells, sirens and flashing lights :wink:

Thanks in advance!

We can do an RSS feed. However doing a mailing list would be overkill.

RSS is pretty much dead now. Alas as security is a pretty big deal, something is better than nothing.


If enabled in Module admin your PBX will send you notifications of updates.

Example from Yesterday:

SECURITY NOTICE: There is 1 module vulnerable to security threats
framework (Cur v. should be upgraded to v. to fix security issues: SEC-2014-001

What’s the URL for the RSS feed? After reading this I have been looking and unable to locate it.

I wasn’t aware RSS was dead. Do you mean in RSS in general, or here on this site? I’ve never used RSS here, but I subscribe to a large quantity of feeds elsewhere. Some I use in my automated crawler scripts, and others I subscribe to using my RSS aggregator for news at work. It’s quite effective.

I specifically said “we can do RSS” not “there is an RSS”

An RSS feed would be great if/when you guys can get the time to set it up. I do get notifications from my Sysadmin Pro module. However just having security updates come separately would be very helpful. The reason being that module update notifications come frequently (and thats great too!) however, I could easily see an important security update getting missed in all the updates.

Thanks again for your time!