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I’ve noticed Security Alert emails don’t populate the friendly name of the affected server. I just see an empty () and [] as shown below. Does anyone else have this issue or have I not entered this somewhere in the GUI? It works as expected for all other FreePBX notifications and only happens to emails regarding automatic security updates.

Your server [] discovered the following security issues:
framework has been automatically upgraded to fix security issues:

Thanks for your help.

I had System Identity “FREEPBX_SYSTEM_IDENT” send in the subject line between (), however, I am using FreePBX 15 and the email that I received looks different than yours :

Subject: FreePBX Security Alert (ABC)

There is 1 module vulnerable to security threats:
framework (Cur v. should be upgraded to v. to fix
security issues: SEC-2019-000

Thanks Moussa, this is on 14.

Hi @kierknoby you can find more detail about this in below thread

Thanks @kgupta1, but I know about the security update. It’s the email format I’m querying as it isn’t populating correctly, which isn’t particularly helpful when you have multiple servers.

I can confirm…same empty brackets in emails from 4 freePBX 14 servers!

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Hi @kierknoby could you please raise bug in so we can dig further. Thanks.

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