Secure FreePBX

I have started to use freepbx with Cisco 8841 IP Phones and would like to make sure that the phones are secure. At the moment, all extensions are on the local network to where the PBX is located. In the future I would like to have remote extensions that connect to the PBX however I need to make sure that I have the correct settings to secure the connection without need of a VPN. What are the best steps to secure the freepbx as well how how to setup a secure port for the port?

  1. Put Server behind Firewall
  2. Configure IP Tables and Fail2ban
  3. Disable useless feature code like *2
  4. Dont expose 5060
  5. Strong Password.
  6. Route Password for International call.
  7. Anonymous and Guest calls - NO.
    8.Authreject - yes

You can do these if did not . Even I would like to know from members more suggestion.

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