Secure chanspy 555?

What is the current best-practice to restrict access to ChanSpy?
There are search hits for this on the forum, but they are rather old and things change.

Password protecting it is ok, I’d prefer to simply restrict it to certain extensions, so only us admins can use it for example.
The ideal would be for something more complex, like nominated extensions can use it but can only listen in to calls on phones within their call group, or something like that.

For simple restriction to the feature code by Extension, Class of Service is easy. Unfortunately you need custom code for anything more complex.

Thanks Lorne, 100 dollars isn’t much in the scheme of things, I’ll see if I can’t get this purchased next week, been meaning to add the fax module too, may be able to get them both done at the same time.

That would allow us to have 555 enabled but only usable from a few phones, which is good. Probably good enough and better than remembering to turn the feature off after I’ve used it.

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There you go, you secure the app with a pin and also you get the option to choose which extension to spy

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I am pretty sure it would be trivial to add that SPYLIST field to the FreePBX extension page. I believe the : delimited list can be up to 128 fields long

Thanks Dicko I will give that a try.