Seconds gone from CDR in FreePBX 14

The most recent CDR and CEL in FreePBX14 on has hours:minutes. Is there a way to add seconds back to the entries? I searched Advanced Settings with no luck.

Look for formatting in advanced settings and you’ll be able to get it back.


I read through the moment.js help page and found the area under advance settings. I was able to alter the date and time in the CDR but I’m still unable to achieve seconds. According to moment.js using LTS should give me seconds but I’m still getting 8:29AM with no seconds.

Then you need to go into UCP and change it for your logged in user

I’m wondering if it has to do with the Version of moment.js being used. Changing the time and date settings in Advanced Settings does change the date/time stamp in the CDR but using the moment code for seconds LTS does not show seconds in the CDR. LTS was added in 2.8.4

Looked into this, sorry to say but the underlying library does not support LTS at this time.

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No worries. Thanks for looking into it.

HI there

I requested that the maintainer of this library upgrades their base code and they did! You can now use LTS in Framework


Fantastic. Thanks!

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