Second thoughts of using an SSD?

I’m going to building (2) new PBX’s. Planing on using the Supermico 1u Atom D525 servers with 2gigs of ram. Newegg has that combo deal for $290, seems to be a decent deal.

I wanted to go with a Samsung 840 EVO MZ-7TE120BW SSD drive but am having second thoughts after reading the following.

That is why we provide a Advanced Option at install time so you can choose your settings. We dont do anything special for SSD drives nor would we ever recommend them for use in Asterisk. The read-writes kill them after a period of time.

My thought for the SSD was to help with the heat load as this is a fan less system. I’m would guess the speed of the drive is not that big of deal here but can’t hurt either.

Thoughts of using an SSD for FreePBX?

This was a problem on older ssd’s Newer one’s have better memory…

as long as you get a good branded ssd you should be ok…
Some detected servers now use ssd my asterik freepbx asterik has 4of them and things are running good…

If you really are concerned then go for a 2.5 laptop hdd you will also got more storage for the price

Thanks jimgb17 I just needed a little nudge, I love the SSD’s in our CAD boxes.

Will give a couple a try, if they give up in a year or two so be it.

I have had 4 on raid0 for my main server and its great the speed is really fast. its used as a media streaming server for our PBS we have had no problems and it can be broadcasting 15hrs a day


How did your install go? Looking to grab the same base setup with an SSD. You got a great deal though. Newegg now has it for $349 with NO memory.

Let me know how it worked out.


Well, consider to read this other one too (consideration about SSD and File-System tuning).

So far so good. The Newegg deal was a miss price, they corrected it the next day

You should have bought two!

Went to will call my Newegg order. Same board, 2gb ram, 500gb seagate for $379. Still a pretty good deal.

Did you install any analog cards in that unit? It looks pretty tight with the hard drive.

I have a Sangoma en route. Hopefully it fits.


No analog cards. We went with an external Gateway, I’m working on that part of it now. The POTS line(s) is more of a backup for us.