Second Account (pbx) On Same Phone

I have researched this for a while. I have a local pbx at a site and a remote pbx for billing. We wan’t one of the extensions at the local site to be able to take billing calls and have the billing line ring with a different tone so that they know which line is calling (local or billing). So I added a extension for this phone on the billling pbx and I added a custom extension in “Custom Extension Management” in Endpoint Manager on the local pbx.

My question is if the local extension of the phone is 415 and the extension i created on the billing pbx is 804 and I have 804 added as a custom extension on the local pbx, exactly what steps do I use to map 804 to the phone that has 415? If I click add extension in extension mapping I get a new extension at the bottom, and I see the custom extension 804. But how is this going to tie it to the phone that is mapped to 415?

EPM-Admin User Guide - PBX GUI - Documentation (

The Wiki (assuming nothing has changed) seems to cover “remote/custom” extensions in detail.

I appreaceate that comteck! I did use this documentation to add the custom extension from the billing pbx to the local pbx and it registered. When you hit “Add Extension” in EPM on the local pbx it shows up but there appears to be nothing obvious about how I make this show up as account 2 on the phone. So that account 1 would be local extension 415 and account 2 would be billing extension 804 from the remote billing pbx on the same phone.
I suppose using the same MAC as extension 415 in EPM extension mapping when I add 804 would map it to the same phone? The documentation doesn’t directly describe this part and this is where I am confused.

That’s correct. Multiple registrations are done in EPM with a separate entry in Extension Mapping for each, each with the same MAC and with a different line.

Thank You Lorne! I will give that a try.

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