Seamless Agent Pausing

FreePBX/Asterisk 14

I am trying to figure out a way to allow agents to pause more seamlessly when they are in an environment of back to back calls. Ideally they would avoid having to do anything that would interrupt the call they were presently taking.

I had this idea that maybe I could program one of their soft buttons with a URL that fires the pause command for the agent via ARI CLI or something of the like. The agent could push the soft button, their status would be changed to paused. Then when the current call was over, they would essentially be paused from queue.

Anyone have any experience doing something like that, or any ideas on what the approach should be?

Thanks in advance for any feedback!

Assuming you already looked into wrap up time…

Before you look into developing this, I think that the Queue-Agent PhoneApps button has this functionality, but I may be wrong on that one.

Also, giving these users an FOP2 login would probably do the job as well.

The built in UCP also has presence and DND if that is enough.

UCP presence does not pause an agent.

RIght, but I meant that if setting the user to DND (presence) as enough of a solution for him.

I love the FOP2 queue pause integration. Just giving him another way around things.

They receive too many calls to for it to be acceptable to introduce wrap-up time between each call (5 seconds of wrap would add over 13 hours of staff downtime to absorb).

FOP is an option, but Ideally They could control the experience from their desk phone and avoid bringing up another screen (they already have a lot of applications open).

Thanks for the ideas!

Clever idea, but I am hoping to use pause as I need to track multiple pause reasons (Break, meeting, etc.), so I think I need to make it happen with pause.

Per this video, you can do it with PhoneApps Queue-Agent button.

What if I had another table that had a list of extensions and a 1 (queued for pause) or 0 (normal operation).

I could use a URL to trigger a script that when invoked looks for the extension (variable in URL) in the table and changes it to the other value of what it currently is. If 0 change to 1, if one change to 0.

Maybe I could use a post hang-up script to check the extension value in the table. If 1, pause the extension, otherwise do nothing.

@dicko, @lgaetz, @cynjut and others, what do you think of that approach?

This issue I’ve had with this is once you change your queue status to pause, if your still on a queue call for that paused queue, the call drops after ~10 seconds. Also hoping that if I can do something like the URL, it would be more ubiquitous across different handset types.

You should contact support. It’s a commercial module.

I did a while back and it sounded like this was expected behavior based on how the program is currently written. I could try reaching out again to see if anything has changed.

@dolesec is this true?

In the words of Jeff Foxworthy, “That ain’t right”

Are you saying this is not how it works presently (meaning I need to repair my instance), or that’s not the intent so I should open a ticket with Sangoma for them to fix this module for everyone?

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