Script Execution after call hangup

Hi ,

I am developing one application in which i need to execute script after call hagup. I am using FreePBX 3.0 and Asterisk 11

I’ve tried to execute the php script after call hangup but that script is not excuted at all. Even i am not getting any verbose after call hangs up.

Please give me some suggestion regarding this.

Thaks & Reagrds

Not sure what you mean FreePBX 3.0. Their is no such thing. Latest version is 2.11

I have used the freePBX’s iso file in which they are providing me asterisk 11.4 and freepbx 3.0.The actual problemi am facing is that if i will call the script after hangup in dialplan then it will be override when i will reload the freepbx module.So is it any way to make safe dialplan and not override that dialplan?

customize in the custom files, it’s in the wiki :slight_smile:

And once again the latest version of FreePBX is 2.11