Screen Refresh ghosting problems


I recently downloaded PBX IN A FLASH v1.3 and installed it on a New Server I just recently got - an INTEL Xeon 3.0ghz SR1435vp Server with 2gb of memory.

  1. Everything Installed as normal

  2. When I access the FreePbx Interface GUI, and scroll down and up - the screen is not refreshing properly as a result - I have a screen ghosting effect where multiple images of the same screen are redisplayed when you scrolling - and as a result the screen becomes obscured

  3. the OS does not want to update to FreePBX 2.5 (The Latest that just came out within this month) I notice alot of modules simply are not downloaded and updated - I would have to do everyone one at a time.

Has anyone had this problem - is there a solution.

I was thinking of installing ver 1.1 instead - 1.1 works fine on my Dell Dimension 3000 with 3.0ghz Pentium and 1gb of memory.

Any help is appreciated

Thank you


Are you viewing the FreePBX interface with Firefox? I have noticed weird things when I use Internet Explorer.


I burned another CD 2 (v1.3 PIAF)
and re-installed it on Server 2 - which is identical to Server 1 (Server 1 gave me a problem)

And magically - things started to work

No - refresh problem
No - FOP Problem

maybe it was the CD after all - I dont know - I will try again on Server 1
If things work with CD 2 - then it must have been CD 1 - was corrupt somehow

Thank you Guys