Scrambled Radio Idea

Hi All!

I just had an idea and wanted to find out if this was something that could be done with FreePBX… and also if it is legal or the possible legalities or if it even makes sense. Nooone steal my idea ok lol?

I love Songza. I listen to various radio stations on Songza everyday in the car, on my computer, in bed, anywhere. However, I hate the fact that they don’t have a module for Chrome yet so I have to keep a tab open when I want to listen to it and don’t like having the app running on my phone.

Tonight I setup a prayerline using FreePBX for a client and was testing out the music they had purchased for MOH. It was pretty cool and I loved that I could listen to the music in the best quality ever over my phone speakerphone (Its a simple SPA504G but the sound filled my office… unlike my computer speakers!)

I was thinking of finding a way to play the songs from my favorite Songza playlists from the MOH on my PBX, or at least remixes of them where there would be no copyright infringement coming into play. However, right now, all that came to mind was to create a conference without an announcement, and setting up an MOH class to play the music. This would be for my own personal use.

Then I started thinking of how to apply this into a product: I know alot of radio hosts and DJs who have their OWN music and like to play it at their various offices. If I could come up with a way to maybe make the conference idea less rustic, and then play with some phones that support intercom, and finding a way to play the conference on intercom, couldn’t you use the PBX as a mini IN-HOUSE radio station/radio?

But my thoughts are scrambled all over the place and I’m not even sure if any of this is sane or legal but I thought it might be cool. So I’m just going to leave it right here… I should get a blog or something -.-