Schmoozecom.conf kills httpd with system admin module update

When a module admin update takes place which includes the ‘system admin’ module, it downloads schmoozecom.conf. This kills httpd and the fix is to #rm -rf schmoozecom.conf && service http start.

On one particular freepbx server, the main .conf in /etc/http/conf.d is spelled with letters after schmooze, for example zebra.conf. In this case there is no harm done. The module admin completes without killing httpd.

Not really sure if schmoozecom.conf is really needed, but in order to not have to restart httpd, would it be safe to assume the main .conf must be spelled with letters later than schmoozecom?


Sysadmin module will always manage the schmoozecom.conf file. It should not be killing our system. It sounds like you have overlapping ports defined in sysadmin GUI under port management and the same port defined in your custom include.

Hi Tony,
On all our freepbx deployments, in /etc/httpd/conf.d/server_hostname.conf. We only use https (port 443) to access the FreePBX gui including the initial setup. There is reference to port 80 but its there to Redirect / https://host.dom.tld which brings up the gui login.

Are you saying get rid of the :80 non-ssl containers?


Hi Tony,
Since schmoozecom.conf is always going to be downloaded (we rm -f it), perhaps removing the :80 references including the ‘Listen 80’ and chmod 444 will fix the issue.