Schmooze Directory Module

Just upgraded to 2.8 from 2.7 and am trying to use the Schmooze Dir module. If entering in Smi for the first three chars I get:

for John Smith press 1
for Rob Smith press 2

If I hit “2” before the “for Rob Smith press 2” message finishes it goes through. If I hit “2” after the Directory finishes saying “for Rob Smith press 2” the Directory goes back to announcing the two user options again. It’s as if the timeout is set to zero for the destination selection. Any fix for this?


Thanks TheShniz.


I can understand. However, if you are rolling 600 users onto a production box, I would sure hope you have a staging/testing box available to you for if/when there are issues as well as planed upgrades :slight_smile:


I can confirm that overwriting the directory.agi from svn (in link above) DOES in fact solve the issue… ticket updated w/ confirmation.

As this FreePBX box has been in test for six months and is rolling into production next week to replace Cisco Unity for our voicemail and IVR services for 600 users. I’d rather not futz with the box any more than I have to. But thank you for all of the info and help.



This was fixed in the 2.9 branch. Let me see if I can find the fix so we can get it back into 2.8. I am also working with nexusit in the support system for this same issue.


here goes. This was fixed in an interim branch along with a several formatting fixes but some other changes that are not compatible to 2.8.

I just checked in the following changes set:


against #4591

For those experiencing the problem, can you please test that change (you can pull the whole directory.agi file from svn if easier:

and replace the one in:


when you do so, make SURE the permissions are user asterisk:

chown asterisk:asterisk -R /var/www/html/admin/modules/directory/agi-bin

then make sure you “Apply Configuration Changes” which will have FreePBX copy that file to the AGI directory and then re-try.

I need to hear feedback that the problem is fixed and this did not break something and once confirmed, I will get that module published and available online for a proper update.

Thanks for your help on this, PLEASE update the ticket 4591 once you have confirmed this so that we will be notified and I can address the fix.

That is the ticket that reported the problem the first time.

It was fixed in

Just need to figure out the backport to 2.8 for it.

Need a fix for it in a bad way fast. Has anybody found a fix for it?

Can you check if there was a ticket open for this in the tracker that indicates it was fixed.

If there was and it was addressed, then it may not have been back ported from 2.9 back to 2.8.

If there is no ticket, then it is probably off the radar and someone needs to file a ticket to make sure the dev team is aware of the issue.