Scheduled one way intercom call... best way?

I’m trying to figure out the best way to set up an automated (handsfree) one-way intercom call from one extension to another?

So essentially at 11pm extension 229 will call extension 223 handsfree… 223 will auto answer handsfree and 229 will continue to send speakerphone audio to 223 until one or the other releases the call. 229 should not hear audio from 223 though.

Background, have two offices at separate sides of the facility. There are 3 buzzers in the receiving office which are not practical to move/duplicate/reroute. What they have been doing is at 11pm ext.223 will do a *80229 to place an intercom call into the receiving office and then 223 will mute their mic to prevent audio from being heard at 229 (nobody’s supposed to be there, but… :slight_smile:

Looking to automate the process because sometimes they are either forgetting to place the call, or forgetting to mute the mic. Automating it with a callfile I would think to be easy for a 2-way audio, but I don’t know if there’s any way within a callfile to make it one-way.

Open to callfile, custom dialplan or whatever other options might accomplish this.

Thanks for suggestions!

Easy. Buy the Paging & Intercom commercial module and configure a scheduled page with a system recording.

Not sure paging pro will do this. Once the recording is played, the call ends.

I think this task requires a cron job to originate an intercom call from one ext to a non duplex page group. I’m not sure if the call will drop once the only extension in a page group hangs up, that needs testing. Otherwise custom dialplan to set up the call would be required. Something we can figure out for you in paid support if there is a budget.

Thanks Lorne I’ll give that a try. I don’t have access to their system remotely so it’ll have to wait until Tuesday to actually try…

What’s the syntax in a call file to initiate a call as intercom/handsfree? I’ve played around with call files a bit in the past and if I recall the “originating” phone would always ring and have to be picked up prior to the call being processed…


There is no call file specific way of doing this (at least no to my knowledge). Call files generate channels, and local dialplan is used to do everything you need for the channel.

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