Scheduled Backup not working

I have a couple of FPBX 15 installs that have a backup job and schedule enabled. It works fine for a while, and then what seems to be randomly, the jobs stop running. The backup job still exists in the GUI, and the schedule/maintenance plan is still enabled in the GUI. However, if I check the cronjob by using crontab -e -u asterisk, the backup cron job is no longer there. Then going back to the GUI and pressing the save button on the existing backup job, re-creates the crontab entry.

Any ideas what could be causing this?

I suspect it’s the same reason certificate renewals also stop working after a while. Given that there is no official word as to what’s causing the certificate renewal line to drop off the file we won’t know why the backup job is also periodically dropping off of it as well.

That’s not encouraging. Did you implement @dicko 's suggestion of making the file immutable?

Have not as I am still monitoring the systems that we update by manually adding the certificate renewal line back in. I actually want to see how long it takes before they break again and if I can correlate it to anything.

I will add thought that we had the same issue with backups predominantly on prior versions of FreePBX. I know you’ve mentioned that you are on 15 but all of our v16 implementations have not had this happen for Backup at all yet. We’ve only continued having this issue with certificate renewals stopping after a while.

Yeah, still happening for me. I can’t find any reason for it.

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