SBC in small office

I have an 8 session SIP trunk that comes in from our local provider connected to a FreePBX box which serves about 15 phones locally. We have no plans of ever having any phones not directly connected to our LAN. The connection for the SIP trunk is dedicated and connects directly to the providers demarcation box. Is there any reason to have a SBC in this scenario? If I do not use a SBC what risk (if any) am I leaving myself open to?

Thanks in advance!

I wouldn’t say you need an SBC, but make sure you have locked down the SIP ports.

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seeing you have a dedicated trunk over a dedicated link, i’m guessing they have some guaranteed bandwidth as well - only for interop issues if you have any

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That is what I was figuring but wanted to make sure. When you say lock down the SIP ports are you referring to the firewall ports to the isp connection on the lan (not the SIP trunk connection)

Thanks Again!

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