SBC: Failed to remove <IP> from auth acl list

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Hi there,

I am setting up an SBC using the VM as a trial before purchasing a hardware SBC but I am having an issue where IPs are not being blocked based on repeated failed registrations using the SIP Firewall page.
I have tried this now on about 4 blank VMs and am getting the same issue.

The process I am following is, install the latest image (3.0.2-12 (GA)) then once it has installed:

  1. Goto the network page and add static IP for second adaptor (leaving first one on DHCP), which will be where the ports are forwarded to
  2. Completing all the steps in on the wiki /display/SBC/Remote+Phones (except that instead of 10 attempts in step 18, I am putting 1 as a test)
  3. Add the license key file
  4. add new user, login and disable root user access
  5. Apply config
  6. Test

Phones can register successfully and make calls, no problem, but the auto-blocking is not working. IPs are sometimes blocked based on repeated failed calls but usually not.
Am I missing something?

This is what is shown in Events: (I am intentionally entering incorrect credentials on a remote phone as a test)
(describing what is shown in Events because I cant put a picture as new member)

|2020-10-20 02:05:17|Error|NetBorder Session Controller|Warning Messages|ERROR|content match:

2020-10-20 02:04:50.031953 [WARNING] sofia_glue.c:8693 Failed to remove /32:0 from auth acl list

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