Satus SIP registration Sangoma FreePBX_ SIP chanel

Hello Guys ,
I am trying to get a SIP trunk register on Sangoma FreePBX , in Advanced Setting , under SIP channel driver, i disabled PJSIP and left only SIP channel enable.
Having Elastix with SIP trunk configuration , same parameter and it works well, when issue with the show sip registry cmd , this is displayed the SIP trunk status Register .
I have copy paste the same parameters in my new FreePBX Sangoma, in Peer details field ,and Register String , so now i am looking with the good syntax to get the status of the SIP trunk configuration . Have you guys have an idea ?
pjsip show registrations is the default cmd under the Asterisk CLI but for my case i ve disabled the PJSIP channel , so i used SIP channel instead .
Looking forward to your reply.

Thanks !

Chan_SIP is deprecated and scheduled for removal from Asterisk next year. Effort spend now making it work is pretty much wasted, you’ll be doing it all again soon with pjsip.

AFAIK the ‘show’ command never existed in any version of Asterisk.

The ‘sip show registry’ should show the status of any chan_sip trunks, though as @lgaetz noted, you should be using pjsip instead.

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