Sangoma's Zapier App


My company is trying to use the Sangoma Zapier app to connect to our hubspot account

Zapier says the Sangoma service is using MySQL which should allow for a static IP address over

But, Sangoma’s Zapier app is trying to connect via dynamic addresses, and our IT will not open up the entire range of AWS IP addresses, there’s well over 500.

(as a new user the forum is not letting me post links)

I’m trying to reach out to someone working on this app to ascertain if this integration is capable of being a static address as pointed out in Zapier’s documentation?

Your best option is to open a support ticket

I’m not necessarily looking for tech support. i am looking to discuss with the developer of the Sangoma Beta app on ZXapier that it may need correcting. Zapier mentioned they can reach out with their shared reporting tool. But, they asked i reach out to Sangoma to advise as well

Commercial bug reports are handled through support. It is likely the person(s) working on that are not in these forums

The Zapier service uses the PBX API over https to auto-config the pbx for zapier use. They will not give you an IP nor an IP range for whitelisting inbound API calls to the PBX.

not according to zapier documentation., i cannot post a link but if you google zapier MySQL connect you will find they use for static MySQL connections, or any aws address otherwise

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