Sangoma's commercial crm plugin

if you know zoho crm, you know that their built-in call pop-up is one and the same with their data. meaning that if a call comes in, once you pickup the phone the counter starts, and allows you to document the call as you go along. that also apply to outgoing calls. now, about the combination of sangoma’s commercial crm module + zulu, it looks like the zulu is just a pop-up window for outgoing and incoming calls, and it has nothing to do with writing the records to the crm. the module does document the call to the customer card, and it’s duration and all, but you cannot handle it on the fly, you have the go into the call after the fact and document what went down. did i understand correctly? there is no way to overcome this and make the zulu more “built-in” in the sense of document the call and then save it to the record on the fly?

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