SangomaOS (remove FreePBX skin) [SOLVED]

Hi SangomaOS Team:
Hi FreePBX Forum:

Just wondering if your team has thought about …
How about a commercial module (or) put the logic I am speakign about inside of System Admin Pro …

Add this feature:
If one has built a PBX using a SangomaOS .ISO
Using an official .ISO only

Remove anything which references the name: FreePBX
Nothing in the UI (GUI) that has reference to: FreePBX

Only Sangoma or SangomaOS would appear in the UI/GUI or CLI

I know one can get a process from SangomaOS to “white label” with your own OEM process …
I read recently about the, “Mirror , Mirror” program with SangomaOS.

What I was thinking was a one-off from that:

We don’t desire to have a private company name in the UI, but rather have a UI that only shows SangomaOS and nothing about FreePBX.

SangomaOS partners / dealers would then have something different from those who just want to build with FreePBX.

You could do this as a program inside of the System Admin Pro module, or similar.

Thanks for considering this.

That’s basically the point of PBXact, a slightly more commercial feel without the FreePBX name.

Hi rsmithuk:

I see your point, but PBXact is a hardware based solution.
As is the other line of hardware units by Sangoma: name escapes me right now …

I’m saying: for those who use their own hardware appliances, but always use the SangomaOS .ISO as the software portion …

This option would mean: use your own hardware, and have only the SangomaOS skin though-out.

Surely the PBXness of your system is FreePBX though. Without FreePBX, SangomaOS is just another soon to be orphaned RedHat derivative.

Untrue. You can get software only and use your own hardware or VM


Hi Shawn

What you’re asking for here is easy to do with or without hardware… Ping @mwhite in sales for details.

There are lots of ways to skin a cat but the official one is:

Happy cake day @jfinstrom


Hi James:

Thank you for the information.

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