SangomaConnect Voicemail Tab Greeting

Sangoma Desktop Version: 4.0.4
Module Version

When a user records any greeting (thank you for calling leave a message…etc, unavailable or temporary greeting) for incoming calls , on the Desktop App the voicemail messages disappear. Mobile app still works properly.
As soon as the greeting is deleted, whether by phone access (*98 Ext Password 0 to access voicemail press 2 to delete) or via CLI (/var/spool/astersik/voicemail/default/EXT) then the messages appear again.

I’ll open a ticket, but I was wondering if anyone has had this odd behavior or any thoughts on how to fix?

btw, it was working at some point, but unfortunatelly don’t really know when it changed, someone reported it and by then a few updates had been done.

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