SangomaConnect- smaller seat license, when?

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@lgaetz I’ve been watching the portal for the smaller seat license mentioned 11 days ago,
“We have single user licenses launching in portal very soon. It should show up in the next few days or so.”
Nothing yet. Any better sense of the ETA?

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The 1 user/1 year Sangoma Softphones SKU is now public in store:

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About time this was added… I’ve only been complaining about it for a year or so…


Edit: The math!


It’s only more expensive in total (which is all that matters) at 11 seats.If you only need 10 that’s $190/year vs. $199 for the 20 seat license.

That is not correct. That is exactly the type of non-math I was referencing in the other post on the subject.

Please enlighten me and show how paying $199/year for five users is less expensive than paying $95/year for five users.

For the truly tiny business with only 5 users, yes, paying for 5 is cheaper.

But that is not most places that I have dealt with. So the difference is the lost opportunity to move more users to a solution by buying in per seat instead of selling it properly to the business per person per month.

Almost every location that I have deployed SangomaConnect has added users as soon as management saw the benefits. Such as the ability to ensure all sales calls were going out on business numbers instead of private cell numbers. Sales staff turnover taking people with them is a huge thing.

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That’s why I chose the word “need”. There is no ‘lost opportunity’: For our purposes in requesting smaller seat count licensing, the entire opportunity is ten seats or less.

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