SangomaConnect- one user cannot register on internal wifi

Have a half-dozen users setup on the system. No issues except with one who can register on cellular data, but not over wifi on the same LAN as the FreePBX server. Others, including my test extension, work fine.

Nothing blocked in Responsive Firewall on that subnet, and the subnet is listed in the trusted networks.

User can load the GUI from his phone when on wifi.

Any ideas?

Try turning off mobile data so it is just wifi and see if that works

I was thinking it might be a stale DNS cache entry on the device, but the GUI for the system loads, so that’s not it; the host name is resolving correctly on the device to the internal address.

I also checked fail2ban. No internal IPs listed there.

Edit to add: Also confirmed that the extension is setup for PJSIP.

I changed the email address and registered a different phone with that extension. It works fine. Gotta be something hnky with the network stack on that iPhone.

Edit: Or something specific to the internal IP it’s getting. Testing this now.

Grab the logs from the phone. Turn one the troubleshooting logs, wait 10s and export the SIP logs. It might shed some light.

Issue persists with IP change.

Snippet from the log that seems pertinent.

2022-05-12T23:45:58.074Z (1652399158074041)
Correlation Id: SiphoneUserAgent[10A047200]SipUserAgent[10A02BA00]SipTransaction[10A02BF78]SipTransport[105E6C900]SipTransportChannel[105C361E0]
Not Connected To: [;]
Reason: Error
Error: GENERIC(3): Subcomponent Failure
In ali_net_connection2.cpp:457
ALI-SOCKET(4): Cannot Connect
In ali_net_tls_socket_impl2.cpp:802
Note: Remote Address:
ALI-SOCKET(7): Host Unreachable
In ali_net_system_socket.cpp:582
SYSTEM(65): EHOSTUNREACH; No route to host
In ali_net_system_socket.cpp:582
Note: CFSocketConnectToAddress()

It’s resolving a local address so I assume you have a local DNS server. If that is the correct address I would grab the same logs from another working device and compare both. Seems to be something on that phone but nothing stands out from the snippet provided.

It specifically saying host unreachable, which means there is no specific route, configured in the phone, to the network containing (which would be the usual case) and also either no default route, or the router configured as the default route does not know how to reach that network, or is pretending not to s the result of a firewall rule, and has returned ICMP host unreachable. I think you could also get it if the default route pointed to something not on the wifi LAN (and there were no preconfigured routes to it).

Normally the Wifi router would try to use DHCP to set suitable default routes. is the same network as the phone; no router is involved. It should be broadcast for a MAC and connect. Also, the phone can connect to the FreePBX GUI.

@jfinstrom, it’s the same behavior with mobile data off.

This the description of the error, which is basically what I said:

          No valid routing table entry matches  the  destination  address.
          This error can be caused by an ICMP message from a remote router
          or for the local routing table.

My bet is on a dorked up network stack on the iPhone. I can’t see how the host can be unreachable when the FreePBX GUI is open in a browser. Protocol shouldn’t be relevant.

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