SangomaConnect app "Offline"?

App is registered and can make calls. Solid green circle around the extension number, but to the right of the extension it says “Offline”.

App is not ‘woken up’ when phone is locked and call is received, so I’m guessing this means that the cloud registration/notification system isn’t working.

User shows as authenticated in SangomaConnect module. Device shows in devices tab.

Using TLS on 5061. 5061 TCP and the UDP port range are allowed through the firewall/router from all. SangomaConnect cloud IPs are whitelisted in the responsive firewall. Host name is used and resolves properly. System has a current LetsEncrypt cert that matches the host name. Have reset and re-enabled the app, disabled and re-enabled SangomaConnect.

I don’t see any registration attempts in our router/firewall logs from the SangomaConnect cloud IPs, but do see the app registering.


The IP is hammering away on 5061 trying to register, triggering Fail2Ban. It’s not in Sangoma’s list of IPs and is registered to Amazon Web Services. It and the remote client on SangomaConnect are the only inbound connections on 5061 in the last hour.

Ive been using Sangoma Connect sonce it came out…i ran fwconsole ma upgradeall yesterday
on my office deployment and Im now experiencing the dame thing as you.

Sangoma connext works 100% normal, sends and receives calls no problem…circle is solid green, says registered but says offline next to solid green circle…

This is nee after updating yesterday…

I’m not seeing this myself, but we have reproduced this internally. It looks to be related to presence which we are rolling out shortly in Sangoma Connect. If everything is otherwise working, you can just ignore it, but if there are calling issues please open a support ticket.

@lgaetz It’s causing the app to not wake up and ring when it’s in the background, so it’s a big deal.

I opened a ticket yesterday morning, then called in. Was told the assigned engineer would call but no call so far. If you can push this along it would be very helpful.

EOD. Still radio silence from support :frowning:

Its still working 100% normal for me. Wakes up and rings every time…just says offline for me

Issue has been identified and fix will push to the EDGE asap. Thanks

I just spun up a new Cloud PBX yesterday and all my clients are still doing this. Seems to work fine - just shows offline on the app. Did the fix get applied yet? Something I need to do?

EDIT - never mind I guess. Just looked again and they show “available”… thanks…

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