Sangoma Vega - One line unable to make calls

Good Afternoon

We have a sangoma vega with some analog handsets connected to it
It was all working fine until last week. I originally though it was a system wide issue as we couldn’t place outbound calls from the test phone. Any calls just get a busy tone

I used another phone and it worked as expected.

When I check the logs a failed call looks like this:

LOG: 23/02/2024 16:25:25.080 POTS (I)R01C1f incoming
call ref=[0237011f] srce=TEL:USR_xxx,DISP:USR_xxx,NAME:USR_xxx [0]
LOG: 23/02/2024 16:25:33.365 ROUTER (I)R0bC00 FINDROUTE profile:20(To_SIP) plan:1
call ref=[0237011f] ← POTS [2,1] dest=TEL:xyz
→ SIP [2,1] dest=TEL:xyz
LOG: 23/02/2024 16:25:33.365 ROUTER (I)R0bC00 call proceeding
call ref=[0237011f]
LOG: 23/02/2024 16:25:33.475 SIP (I)R04C10 disconnect(disc ind) 1
call ref=[0237011f]
LOG: 23/02/2024 16:25:33.485 POTS (I)R05C1f disconnect call cause 1
call ref=[0237011f]
LOG: 23/02/2024 16:25:36.880 POTS (I)R05C1f disconnect call cause 1
call ref=[0237011f]

Checking the config file all the lines look identical and the config hasn’t changed since this last worked.

From googling Q.850 cause codes cause 1 suggests an unknown number, so I’m very confused as to why its only the one phone that appears to be having the issue.

Any help hugely appreciated

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