Sangoma Vega 50 SIP trunks with Different UDP ports To different FXO Ports

i installed Vega 50 and connect it to the Freepbx on port 5060 . all calls now can routed in and out from Vega using the 8 FXO ports .

i need to be able to create multi SIP trunks from freepbx and route it to specific FXO port on the VEGA . i used to do that in Grandstream using different UDP ports like FXO 1 will take port 5060 , FXO2 will take port 5062 , FXO3 will listen to port 5064 and so on . but i couldn’t do that with vega .

i need to do that because i need to route Different freepbx extensions to specific FXO port . so that extension will always go to the PSTN from that port only

Ok it seems to be in the Dial plan in the Vega . i will keep reading and i will update this .

in the main time if someone has direct answer please help/