Sangoma Vega 50 Gateway Help

Hey guys, I have a Sangoma Vega 50 gateway connected on the same network as my freepbx box, I am having issues getting the trunk setup to pass calls to the Sangoma Vega 50 gateway. Is there a basic config for the SIP trunk in freepbx that somebody can reference for me?

Have a look here at the Vegastream & Trixbox setup:

Alright I will set that up and try it, however is there any special configuration that ventures past the quick configuration page in the sangoma gateway itself?

Sorry, I’ve not personally configured one of those before.

Hi FuriousDuck
I’m evaluating to purchase a Vega 50 gateway with two ISDN port to substitute the internal PCI sangoma A200 card actually installed on my FreePBX server connected to PSTN network.
Have you solved the issue?
Have you succesfully configured the gateway and the trunks on FreePBX server.
Thanls in advance for your feedback