Sangoma VEGA 50 FXO no srce caller ID

i have vega 50 with default configuration caller ID detection is on . and the caller ID service is enabled from the telecom company and i can detected the caller ID using normal phone .

but i couldnot get any caller ID in the Sangoma Vega gateway . it is not shown in the logs nor the debug .

it show srce=[0]

any idea ?

Confirm that you have set callerid_type and callerid_wait appropriately for the location of the gateway; see pp. 233-234 of .

If you still have trouble, please post:

What country is the gateway in?

If the connected line is other than a copper pair from the central office, please explain (cable or fiber VoIP, channel bank, etc.)

Settings for [pots] and [pots.port.n].

Log of a failing call.

@Stewart1 Thanks a lot . i changed the Callerid_Type and it worked :slight_smile: