Sangoma Vega 50 & 5000 Analog Gateways

Has anyone got any experience with Sangoma (vegastream) Gateways?

I have been suffering from what looks like low current issues from our 5000 50 port unit. Our 4 port Vega 50 works fine

An example being that we have a line length of roughly 300 metres and at the other end is a standard UK master socket with one phone plugged in and tapped off that is an external bell. The Vega 5000 50 port refuses to ring the line, it just chirps the phone and bell then hangs up. Unplug the phone and the bell is fine, unplug the bell and plug in the phone and its fine but plug both in and it wont work

Move the line to the 4 port Vega 50 and it all works as it should.

Has anyone out there got any experience with these units?


Just an update, I’m not 100% convinced with these gateways and with 250 analog legacy handsets to transfer (IP not an option) so looking about at alternatives.

I usually go with brand name and investigate on that however a lot that’s out there seem to be by companies that have sprung up overnight.

I have ordered a 24 port Cisco VG224 from ebay as an experiment. that has basic sip support (all I want is a basic analog service, not bothered about call forwarding etc etc as this is all done server side)

Has anyone any experience with these units?