Sangoma USB Headset crashing Sangoma Phone (desktop softphone)

Anyone else have trouble with the Sangoma Phone desktop phone application crashing when trying to pair it with any of the Sangoma USB headsets?

We’ve tested it on three separate workstations with different extensions and every time we try to place or take a call with the headset connected the application crashes on us.

I have seen this as recently as today , can you open a ticket for us to track this at
mention me in the ticket please

Actually was about to but wanted to do a sanity check here before bothering the guys in support.


@dobrosavljevic ive confirmed we have reproduced this internally …


Seems to be working right now on the new version.

While I have your ear, any plans to get support for buttons on other headsets baked into the desktop app? An example would be the Jabra Engage 50. It’s got a bunch of controls on it that don’t really do anything in the Sangoma Desktop software.

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