Sangoma template

I have the pbxact 10 user and by accident I have deleted the sangoma template from EPM.
I would like to know how can I upload the template back to the pbxact.
Also form the Endpoint management when I go to “add new phone” and I click on “Add to cart” nothing happen.
Help! thanks

Since this is PBXact, I think you should submit a real ticket so that the pros can get you squared away faster. Otherwise you’ll end up with nitwits like me trying to figure out something that I’m sure these guys are all trained on.

For example, my initial run at solving the problem would be to reinstall the endpoint manager through “fwconsole” or through the Module Admin option in the GUI. Just make sure you force download and upgrade in place with the current version of EPM.

That’s probably not right, but you can try that until one of the commercial guys can tell you I’m full of crap.

That was quick. Anyway thanks for your help!:slight_smile:

To create a new template, Browse to Endpoint Manager and open the sliding menu at the right. Click Sangoma, and click the ‘New Template’ button. Voila, you have a template back that you can edit to suit your needs.

Thanks you all! all sorted!

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See - told you someone that knew what they were talking about would help you. :slight_smile:

You are all good! Thanks

How did you delete the template?