Sangoma Talk & Sangoma Connect - Call Log Multiple Entries

I am enjoying deploying the new Sangomat Connect & Sangoma Talk soft phone product.

Note: “Max Contact” is a confusing name. A less confusing name would be “Max Connection”

I noticed when a Sangoma Talk product is provisioned, the PBX Max Contacts count increases by 5.

If a user was previously setup for 1 Contact, when you install Sangoma Talk the Contact count increases to 6.


I would expect Sangoma Talk to need 1 more Contact Count, but not 5.

This makes for a messy call log with multiple entries for the same event. Notice 2x “no answer” and 1x “answer”, all three entries are the same call event.

Is there any way to eliminate the multiple entries to have a clean call log?

If you have multiple endpoints connecting to the same extension then you need to allow multiple contacts for said pjsip extension. It’ll show call logs for all the endpoints that are configured to use a particular extension.

The side question here, does Sangoma Connect really need 5 endpoint connections.

They are called contacts because that is what they are in SIP terms. Even if you use a TCP based transport, no connection needs to be up most of the time. Also, they might only differ in the user part, in which case one TCP connection could serve all of them.

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