Sangoma Talk ONLY works while the app is active and onscreen

All of our staffs phones recently stopped working for no apparent reason a few weeks ago, we haven’t messed around with any settings on our PBXact server until today. I upgraded to what I think is the most current version (though Im concerned about the lower asterisk version 13.38.3). We are now: 12.7.8-2302-1.sng7 on PBXact 16 (im a little confused by these numbers too).

Anyway, Im assuming the setup is correct because the app works fine (ios or android) if its running. The minute its off the screen there are no notifications/incoming calls/etc. Have uninstalled and re-installed on both ecosystems, verified power savings wasnt putting it to sleep and re-registered accounts to no avail.

Looking for any suggestions of how to resolve it, thank you in advance.

Your firewall (PBXact Firewall and/or network firewall) must allow the push servers. Did you make any firewall adjustments?

Thank you Bill! That did it. I found I had blacklisted some class Bs and some of the addresses acrobits uses fell within that range. After removing the /16s from a blacklist its working again.

I know its unrelated, but based on what I posted above with respect to version numbers does that jive with what’s current?

Also is that a 1955 Western Bell Rotary phone in your profile? :slight_smile:

Yea, you are at the latest version of PBXact system, which is versioned differently then FreePBX.

That is the latest OS patch level as far as I know; to be sure, just run yum update as root.

Equally as important, you should run module updates (from the GUI; or from ssh, run fwconsole ma upgradeall).

You would do well to switch to a supported version of asterisk. Run asterisk-version-switch as root and pick version 18.

The phone in my profile pic is an Automatic Electric “Monophone” 40 with chrome trim. :slight_smile:

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