Sangoma Talk Mobile App push BLFs to mobiles

Hi all,

I’ve wondering if we could push BLFs to users on the Sangoma Talk Mobile App instead of getting them to manually add them?

Yeah I think it’s all done through the Contact Manager groups. I haven’t spent enough time to figure it out though.

Wouldn’t that be for contacts? I’m talking about the “Quick Dial” page on the mobile app.

Well I guess the tooltip for it actually doesn’t say for the mobile app. @lgaetz can you confirm if you can provision BLFs this way for the Sangoma Talk mobile app? I can’t find anything in the wiki saying one way or the other.

At present, BLF/Speeddials need to be added manually by the user on Sangoma Talk mobile.

@tobyLIT well there’s your answer.

@adell4444 @lgaetz Thanks!

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