Sangoma Talk Mobile App Inconsistencies

Hello All. I am running SangomaConnect on a cloud hosted FreePBX 15 instance. All system and modules updates are current. I have 15 mobile users connected via SangomaConnect using the Sangoma Talk app. A couple of the users on Android devices are saying they are getting random registration issues and errors with alternating flashing icon on showing up top indicating attempts to register. On the system side I am not showing these devices dropping registration at all. The transport is UDP. Not sure if its an issues connected to the SangomaConnect proxy? A couple of things to note is they are working from home and connected to their home WiFi. When the registration errors are happening if they disable WiFi it seems to register on the mobile network fairly quick. Could this be a SIP ALG issue with their home routers? Advice and suggestions needed. Thanks!

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