Sangoma Talk/ Connect app keeps trying to register

Hello everyone!

I’m having trouble with sangoma talk app. It keeps trying to register but fails with “effective transport unspecified”. Has anyone solved this? I have a fortinet firewall with port 5061UDP and RTP10000-20000 open, but RTP ports are closed when scanned. Any suggestions?



RTP ports don’t get activated until a call is being setup and only the ports for the call are open at the time of the call. For registration all you need is the SIP port.

Does it work when you are on the same network as the PBX?

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UDP port 5061 would only make sense if you customized pjsip Port to Listen On or chan_sip Bind Port.

Standard SIP uses UDP port 5060 for UDP transport, TCP port 5060 for TCP transport and TCP port 5061 for TLS transport.

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What’s weird is that on the network with the PBX it hangs at registering and on an external network it shows error. See the attached photo.


After some digging, I was able to address the issue by switching the transport from tls to udp and it now works. I applied some hardening to the policy. Thank you for your help.

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