Sangoma Talk (Android) does'nt keep connected!


I have an issue with SangomaTalk app on an Android device. I have 2 extensions each one registered with SangomaConnect. Sangoma Talk from play store has been installed on 2 mobile phones running Android. One of them is working perfect straight and keeps being connected at FreePBX but the other one when app is not at foreground disconnects after a while. It prevents to receive incoming calls which is quite annoying.
The phone with the problem is running Android 13 and I have allowed in Android that app to use battery and be running all time but absolutely no change :frowning:
Any idea what to look after ?



@luy08 Thanks for the info but I don’t think it’s the problem as it works perfect if I open the app on my phone and pass a call or receive a call when app is open :wink: and my colleague on a different extension has no problem at all :wink:
I have tried the Push system in the settings of the app and so far after few hours it looks to keep being online :slight_smile: I’ll have to check now if incoming call are working !

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